During the vegetative stage, “top” your plant by pinching the new growth off of the top of the plant. This will cause the plant to focus on growing the branches below the top. “Topping” your plants will give you more tops to harvest. Remove any limbs that are under your canopy (bottom third) and not receiving adequate light. This will help the plant focus on growing the tops, which will produce dense colas.

We recommend changing the water in hydroponic systems weekly. Add a weekly cleansing flush to remove any buildup in the tank and irrigation lines. The flush will also remove any buildup of slime on the roots of your plants for better absorption of nutrients. Water your houseplants, garden, or landscape with the old nutrient mixture. Your plants will love you for it! 



Transition is a stage commonly overlooked, but if done correctly, it will increase your plant’s metabolism and supercharge the flowering stage. During this a one-week stage, you will introduce the plant to a little more phosphorus and potassium, plus a new light cycle. Begin by changing your light cycle to 12/12 and the recommended amount of Veg nutrients and Flower nutrients.  For outdoor growers, the sun will provide the light change, and you will want to introduce the extra Flower nutrients BLOOM in the first week of August. During and after the transition, no more topping, but continue removing undergrowth. 


Indoor growers will need to change the light cycle to 12/12, triggering your plants to flower indoors. It is essential to continue using full-spectrum lighting and avoid using only the red spectrum, which is common with some LED lights. Adding higher levels of phosphorus and potassium from Flower nutrients and a bloom booster will help to reinforce the trigger that it is time to flower along with the trigger of shorter light cycles. During the flowering stage, keep up the maintenance of removing growth under the canopy.  Remember to maintain your hydroponic reservoirs by changing the water weekly. See the manufacturer’s feed chart for application rates by the week.