One of the most critical components in growing any plant is the environment.  

cultivating Enviroment

There are many pros and cons to both indoor and outdoor growing. When growing outdoors, the sun provides natural, full-spectrum light for plants and is free. When growing indoors, we try to replicate the light of the sun with artificial lights at the cost of a hefty electric bill. Outside, your plants are not confined to the size of your room and can grow larger, producing higher yields per plant. Humidity can be an issue with both indoor and outdoor growing, but can be controlled better indoors. You will only get one harvest per year if you are growing outdoors. Growing indoors will allow you to harvest multiple crops year-round.  Legally, some areas will not allow outdoor growing of cannabis. Be sure to check with the cannabis cultivation regulations in your area to make sure you are within the law.

If you choose to grow indoors, make sure the area you are growing in is freely accessible. Purchase a grow tent to keep your plants in. Place your tent in an area that won’t be harmed by potential water leakage. If you have your grow in a closet, make sure you can provide adequate airflow and exhaust. You may need to run an air duct with a carbon filter to vent out overpowering smells. Make sure any electrical outlets you are using can withstand the power demands of your lights, pumps, fans, and any other electronic devices. Practice safety and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Choosing nutrients that work with your growing environment will ensure that your plants get the complete nutrients for optimum, consistent yields.