Many Uses

Before You Start

Soil being felt and tested in someone's hands.

Preparing Your Soil

A young child assisting with the transplanting of a young tree in a field of grass.


An older woman and a young little girl holding a flower together and smiling at each other.

General Maintenance

Superthrive and Its Many Uses

Soaking bare root roses in SUPERthrive.

Bare Root

Closeup of a healthy and young bonsai tree.


Christmas tree ornately decorated with gold and red bulbs and ribbons.

Christmas Tree

Closeup of healthy and maturing red strawberries on the vine.


A display of different herbs growing in containers and they are marked with colorful plant markers.


Houseplants growing in large containers in a very modern looking home.

Indoor Plants

Closeup of purple orchids.


Propagation and cloning seedlings_Someone propagating a young rosemary plant in a container.


Beautiful red and pink blooming roses.


Using SUPERthrive on turf_photo shows person unrolling healthy green turf.

Sports Turf

Closeup of some matured succulents

Succulents and Cacti

A young boy sitting in a tree and pondering the meaning of life. He's also eating an apple.


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