Climate Cents

Climate Cents

Climate Cents originated as the brainchild of Nick Karno, a long-time environmental activist. From all of his time world, he noticed the gaps between people’s frustrated desire to do something about

huge environmental problems like climate change and the fact that there were actual solutions nearby which they knew nothing about. His insight was that if you could
engage people locally and personally, you could get a large enough group of people to take lots of small actions that would cumulatively add up to real impact.

Working with David Levitus, a nonprofit and movement-building leader, and several design and web pros — Ken Thelian and Russell Schmidt — they built the Climate Cents website. It’s a platform for crowdfunding local, vetted initiatives that fight climate change and make your city a better place. They’re starting in LA with big plans to expand nationally.
You can discover amazing initiatives like the restoration of kelp forests in the Santa Monica Bay with the Bay Foundation; solar power installation for disadvantaged communities with GRID Alternatives; young people planting trees in poor neighborhoods with TreePeople; and all kinds of urban gardening projects. When you back a project, you see how much greenhouse gas your donation is reducing and you can feel good knowing exactly where your money is going and the difference it’s making. Then you can take the next step and volunteer hands-on with projects. Groups like TreePeople, MEND, and GRID Alternatives are always looking for help and Climate Cents shows you exactly how you can get involved.

The work done by Nick and David at Climate Cents embody what it means to be an Earth Warrior. Not only are they Earth Warriors, but they give you the ability to be one.  Check out their brand new website at
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