Earth Warriors

“My whole idea is to leave the world better off for wherever I touch it.” – Dr. Thomson Inventor of Superthrive

You will find people all around the world working to protect the environment, spread awareness, and make our communities healthier.  Earth Warriors are the people leading the good fight for our planet and communities, setting the example for us to follow.  They are thought leaders who will not stand idle.  Through education and organizing, these people get communities to collectively implement simple solutions which amount to incredible impact.

You and everyone you know can be an earth warrior! Whether you are planting an extra tree, recycling, or donating to charities, your individual efforts add up.   Start a garden this summer; search the web and sign-up for programs in your area!  Just a little extra effort goes a long way toward restoring, protecting, and sustaining our environment.

Check out these inspiring projects and the Earth Warriors championing them!



Name: Boyan Slat

Age: 23 (1994)

Country: Holland

Occupation: Founder / CEO The Ocean Cleanup

Boyan Slat is a Dutch inventor and entrepreneur known for founding The Ocean Cleanup, a company that develops technology to clean the world’s oceans of plastic.  In February 2013, he dropped out of his aerospace engineering study to start The Ocean Cleanup and by June 2016, the first cleanup prototype was deployed.  Boyan’s invention takes advantage of the ocean clean up times from millennia to decades. Read more.





Name: Nick Karno

Country: United States

Occupation: Co-Founder & President at





Name: David Levitus

Country: United States

Occupation: Co-Founder & Executive Director at





Climate Cents originated as the brainchild of Nick Karno, a long-time environmental activist. From all of his time world, he noticed the gaps between people’s frustrated desire to do something about huge environmental problems like climate change and the fact that there were actual solutions nearby which they knew nothing about.  Working with David Levitus, a nonprofit and movement-building leader, a nonprofit and movement-building leader, they built, a crowdfunding platform for vetted local initiatives that fight climate change. Read More.

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